Nokia acquire Trolltech

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To combate Android and iPhone, Nokia acquire Trolltech in a deal valued at $150 million. Trolltech QT (framework) s used in popular software such as Skype, Google Earth, Adobe Photoshop Elements, KDE, Lucasfilm and by more than 5000 customers worldwide.

It looks like it’s going to be a banner year for the acquisition of open source vendors by larger corporations. Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia announced today that it is acquiring Norwegian open source software vendor Trolltech in a deal valued at $150 million. Trolltech trades on the Oslo Stock Exchange, where Nokia will tender 16 NOK (Norwegian Krone) to acquire all outstanding shares. The deal has already been approved by shareholders representing nearly two-thirds of Trolltech’s outstanding stock and is expected to formally close in the second quarter of 2008…

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About Trolltech:

Trolltech provides cross-platform software development frameworks and application platforms. Trolltech’s Qt is used in popular software such as Skype, Google Earth, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Lucasfilm and by more than 5000 customers worldwide. Trolltech’s Qtopia has enabled a new generation of exciting consumer devices such as mobile handsets, video-phones, set-top boxes and media players. Trolltech’s software has shipped in more than 10 million devices.

Trolltech’s products enable companies to easily build and deploy software across a wide range of operating systems and electronic devices. The company serves desktop and embedded application providers, as well as consumer electronics and mobile vendors, who face challenges in delivering user-friendly and differentiated software. Trolltech enables customers to accelerate innovation, shorten time to market and increase revenues. Trolltech’s software improves the user experience by increasing the appeal and quality of customer’s applications on desktop and devices. The future proof Qt software allows developers to code less, create more and deploy anywhere.

Trolltech supports open source and commercial customers. The company has offices in California, U.S.A.; Brisbane, Australia; Beijing, China; Berlin and Munich, Germany; Oslo, Norway. It is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TROLL. For more information about Trolltech, please visit

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Microsoft Removes Licensing Restrictions From Windows Server 2008

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Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) has modified its Web server licensing terms for Windows Server 2008 in what looks like an attempt to compete more effectively with open source alternatives, CRN has learned.According to an internal Microsoft document viewed by CRN, Microsoft will not require a client access license (CAL) for the Windows Web Server 2008 SKU, and will allow users to run any type of database software with no limit on the number of users, provided they deploy it as an Internet-facing front-end server.While Windows Server 2003 Web Edition, the predecessor to Windows Web Server 2008, didn’t require a CAL, it did impose a limit of 50 users, as well as some database restrictions, according to channel partners.Solution providers expect these changes to go a long way toward making Windows Web Server 2008 more competitive with the LAMP stack. “I think Microsoft is clearly determined to gain ground in that space,” said George Brown, CEO of Database Solutions, a Cherry Hill, N.J.-based Microsoft partner.Microsoft has been making steady gains in Web server market share in recent months. An August Netcraft survey found that Microsoft held 34.2 percent of the Web server market, compared to 48.4 percent for Apache, leading to industry speculation that Microsoft could eventually threaten Apache’s market dominance.

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